Shade Structures

  • Shade-cloth Sails
  • Barrel Vault Structures
  • Vinyl Tension Structures
  • Points Covers
  • Banana Packing Shed Covers

We manufacture and install shade structures to suit a variety of needs for the hot tropics. Being a QBCC Licence holder, you can be assured of a quality job built to the necessary standards. Our licence allows us to install the poles for shade structures as well as manufacture and install the shade cover itself.

Shadecloth sails can be used over playgrounds and pools to keep you protected from the harmful UV rays, glare and heat.

Vinyl Tension Structures work great over outdoor patios and entertaining areas for shade as well as protection from the rain.

Points Covers and Banana Packing Shed Covers are made of shadecloth to protect the bananas from the heat while on the trailers.